NMCEP Spearheads Integrated Training for Basic Entomology

 By Maria Santa Portillo  Mar 26, 2020Central

The National Malaria Control and Elimination Program (NMCEP), as well as the other mosquito borne disease control programs, has started the move to create adequate numbers of well-trained personnel to effectively participate in Vector borne disease control and elimination activities. One of the activities identified is through the conduct of Training on Basic Entomology focusing on Dengue, Lymphatic Filariasis and Malaria Surveillance course which was cost shared by WHO and PSFI. It aims to expand and adapt entomology skills to include epidemiological approach for more effective collection of entomological field data that is useful in planning on more effective, innovative and suitable vector control strategies. There were five batches scheduled for 2019 but only three were accomplished due to the moratoriums issued by the DOH. The staff who attended the capacity building activity were the designate entomologists per province who were medical technologists, nurses and sanitary engineers. Lecturers and facilitator were the invited entomologists from RITM-Palawan; ACTMalaria; and CHD Central Luzon, Cagayan Valley, and Davao. Batch 1 was held last June 30 to July 6, 2019 at Subic Bay Travelers` Hotel at Zambales. The second batch was in Hue Hotel, Puerto Princesa Palawan which was conducted last July 28 to Aug 3 2019. The third batch happened last Aug 17-24 2019 at Fersal Hotel in Puerto Princesa Palawan. As to date, a total of 51 staff has been trained from 45 different provinces/HUCs. All the areas covered by the training are described in-depth in the WHO Training e-Module on Malaria Entomology and Vector Control. The topics included were insect and other mosquito genera identification; sampling Malaria vectors; preservation, proper storage, vector incrimination; vector control and insecticide resistance. The activity was divided into didactics and practical/field work with theoretical and practical pre and post tests.

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